• The Ann Wilson Thing! - #1 - EP MP3 Download

The Ann Wilson Thing! - #1 - EP MP3 Download

Artist: Ann Wilson

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2015-09-18

Title Time

 For What It's Worth


 Fool No More


 Ain't No Way


 Danger Zone


    • KidCastingCo

      5 Stars for vocals...3 for production...1 for the mix. NOOOOO! Please release this unplugged. I was excited to find out about this, but the amazing Ann Wilson's vocals were wrecked in the mastering process. I fully agree with one of the comments below about the distortion. :-(

    • shoy!

      Ann is coming into a whole other level of expressiing great songs, through her amazing and unique bluesy/rock voice . I only see a bright future for this veteran diva of rock and roll, diva without the attitude. The EP is clean raw and bluesy…True. Word.

    • better media

      There will always be a special place in my heart for Ann, but I don't agree with the choices made for these mixes and master. Too much distortion. Someone is in love with their compressors and saturation. There is no tonal value to this at all, in my opinion. I’m playing it over my system and It all sounds crunched up, flat, and uninteresting. Just not my thing. Sorry.

    • DRGar

      Ann Wilson is a force of nature. This EP is amazing - from the rocking, percussive "For What it's Worth" to the old-timey sounding "Danger Zone" - it just sounds awesome. Also love the new original - "Fool No More". Can't wait for EP #2! ;)

    • wil1iam

      i couldn't even listen to one of the samples all the way through. get back to the RAWK with Heart

    • waycaffeinated

      Danger Zone is not a great song or well produced. Love the other ones. Ann remains an incredible talent.

    • Tunes_98

      This is so incredible. Ann's voice is second to none!

    • Hamwhipper

      never goonna make it in dis business.

    • OliviasDad

      Ann Wilson just continues to get better and better. I feel so blessed that her talent has been available for me to listen to and appreciate for the last 40 of my 54 years. Simply fantastic!!

    • 530NorCal

      One of the best singers of all time man or woman. You can't go wrong with any Thing! Ann Wilson.