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Artist: gnash

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2016-03-25

Title Time

 first day of my life (feat. Go


 rumours (feat. Mark Johns)


 get well soon (feat. Liphemra)


 fragile (feat. wrenn)


 rip (feat. Quiñ & Buddy)


 i hate u, i love u (feat. Oliv


 u just can't be replaced (feat


    • How this game is good.

      I knew the song I hate you I love you but I never knew the rest of the songs but now that I am listening to them I am going to buy them and become a fan! This music is the Best But it you will not regret it!

    • JacobHater

      It’s just a good staple for anyone’s playlist because everyone has days where they relate

    • Jakethemoviefan

      This EP is a true masterpiece, the lyrics have so much meaning, and he chooses these specific people to collaborate with for a specific reason that I still haven’t figured out. But I would say that my favorite song right now is probably: Fragile feat. wrenn 💞 Overall 10/10

    • ihatecloser

      Love this song I'm just not buying the Guy's voice but the chic in the song is soooooo good! I'm giving it 2 stars the singing of the guy got one taken off and the lyrics are boring two taken off for that and one star for the genre

    • MaddieLA2791

      Why so many bad words? So glad they changed i hate you. and you know why they had so many people help them? BECAUSE THEY WERE TO STUPID AND BAD TO DO ANYTHING THERE SELVES.

    • Gummy Bear 1314

      Gnash can't make a bad album

    • Omg yes🐤❤️🐦❤️

      To the hoe that gave two stars because of one song (out of the whole amazing album) the how said she hated gnash' part in the song :| like, go somewhere else if you gonna hate on the whole album because of one song

    • ToxicFear11

      I Hate U I Love U? Well the first half of the name is true at least.

    • Gritty2434

      This album really hits deep!!!

    • Gnashhhhhh