• What We Live For MP3 Download

What We Live For MP3 Download

Artist: American Authors

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2016-07-01

Title Time

 What We Live For


 I'm Born to Run




 Right Here Right Now


 Nothing Better




 Go Big or Go Home


 Mess with Your Heart


 No Love


 Pocket Full of Gold




 Mind Body Soul


    • Corey444

      I don't write many reviews, but when I do, their genuine, and American Authors deserve one, this is the first band I actually got to know and listen to multiple songs, it all started with Best Day of My Life, and there on, I have 8 or 9 songs and I'm getting more when I get another iTunes card! The only other review I did is with Survivors Vital Signs Album, and I put a lil AAs check out thing in my review to get em to check this band out also, haven't seen them in concert but I want to! First band listened to, first band to have more than 1 song, and first band I fell in love with! Now, I like other bands too like Blue October, really good, Daughtry, Matxhbox Twenty and Imagine Dragons, but no doubt American Authors comes first! Thxs for spectacular music and I can't wait for the next album! Get hyped AAs fans! Your looking and listening to the most unique and addicting music from the greatest band of our gen of Alternative Rock! 😎😎🤑🤑❤️❤️

    • Anonymous & co.

      Discovered this album almost 2 years after it came out and I’m absolutely blown away! I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out on! These guys are phenomenal and I can’t stop listening to their music. Rock on American Authors!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Awesome wolf 2

      American Authors music feels genuine and from the heart I love this album and all their others can't wait for the next one because they can do no wrong best band hands down 😃

    • Destiny Eady

      I have been a fan of American authors since they came out. Their music is absolutely amazing and it keeps getting better and better. To be honest I believe that this album should be more expensive than it is because their music is so good but I'm not complaining. I definitely think that this album is worth the buy. You won't regret it

    • Neg!t!ve 88

      I love there new album! I think it's better than there last! I love the song Nothing Better! That songs almost better than Believer on there 1st Album!

    • Pablo Rivera

      If you've heard them live, you how amazing they actually are, the studio albums can never replicate a live AA show, other than that, the album is pretty good.

    • Tsnelson1102

      Been a fan forever, love the instrumental use on this album. These guys are even better live!

    • Jackie0930

      American Authors did a great job with their new album! So many different songs with lots of hear and feeling! Lots of great songs!

    • Catapapalilar

      A bit more pop than Oh, What a Life, this album has some absolute gems. Plenty of upbeat songs I can already imagine on the radio, and they stay true to their sound.

    • Bobasaurus_Rex

      This group is by far my favorite band, and this album shows why. While keeping the same type of sound, they shine by creating diverse music at the same time. There are a few sad songs that I will be skipping over (pretty in-your-face depressing), however the rest of the album is generally upbeat and happy!