• Immigrant Song - Single MP3 Download

Immigrant Song - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Ann Wilson

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2007-08-21

Title Time

 Immigrant Song


    • wil1iam

      ann should be horse whipped for this abomination. truly awful

    • Love that rock

      I saw Heart perform this version of Immigrant Song about two years ago at the Gibson Universal Amphitheatre in L.A. and it blew me away! They can rock HARD still after all these years and Ann's voice on it made me run home and download it. You won't be sorry. Her vocals are amazing.

    • Blubud

      Awesome re-make. Very modern sounding, yet familiar. Coming from an original Zephead. I love it.

    • Le Critiqué

      Ann's version of this timeless classic is haunting and mezmerizing. The arrangement is spot on. Buy it and tell a friend.

    • TexaninTn

      Splendid new song from rock queen Ann Wilson! Like a lot of other people, I think Ann Wilson is one of the strongest vocalists from the entire Rock era. Even when her voice sounds slightly hoarse, her delivery is always very strong, and straight on. She seems to have more vocal range than, almost, any other female vocalist--meaning she can scream, sing rough and raw, or sing very soft (yet, movingly) on an occasional ballad with her band Heart. I, actually, prefer this new "Immigrant Song" to Zep's! Just think it would be really nice to here this sort of music somewhere on American radio (instead of most of the crap Rap and trash that we're being force-fed now)!

    • KeithMoon223

      Not that there is anything wrong with Ann Wilson or Heart, they rock, but Zeppelin can not be covered at all. They are just too good. Any cover would never be as good as the original.

    • girlwithaguitar

      Ann has revamped this song and made it her own. It is probably my favorite off the new album! Peace and love will win the day :)

    • htownlatinboi

      No Female Rock artist today has a voice like Annie Wilson...her voice is one of the greatest out there....I am anxiously awaiting the whole album...can't wait..Keep rockin Ann!

    • khowz2018

      I love this cover even more than the original. Ann's voice is amazing after all these years. Awesome!

    • captstrange

      ...and it RAWKS. She can still pull out all the stops, and leave me breathless. Can't wait for the entire album!!