• Oh, What a Life MP3 Download

Oh, What a Life MP3 Download

Artist: American Authors

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2014-01-01

Title Time



 Think About It


 Best Day of My Life






 Hit It






 Heart of Stone




 Oh, What a Life


 Best Day of My Life


    • Toby is BOSS

      Best album of 2014! AWESOME!

    • Kayla Padilla Higa

      When I listened to this album for the first time, I couldn't stop. I liked it even more after seeing them in concert. The second album is great, too. I love American Authors so much and I don't hate a single song on the album (so hard to pick a favourite)

    • Machewthefirst

      Why do so many people like this garbage?

    • Neg!t!ve 88

      They are very unique for a rock band! So light and happy! My favorite song on this album is Believer! That's my favorite song by them! There one of my favorite bands!💚

    • Kokopawley

      This is song just sounds of key and like something a garage band would make. One of my least favorite songs of all time.

    • Fangwarden

      Came across this song while cruising Youtube, it made me smile ear to ear. Definitely worth supporting the artists :)

    • Colin man555

      This band is definitely the one of my favorites. I think you have to be completely dumb or have no taste in music to not like this. Jk you are not dumb I just love this music sooooo much!!!!!!!

    • BollyBibby

      This song needs to die

    • Whensmahvel

      Believer and Best Day of My Life are good. The rest are decent to bad. They are just too cheesy and/or repetitive.

    • Quad tx

      Can't Waite to see them live