Inauguration Day PDF Download

Inauguration Day PDF Download

By: Claude Salhani
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2015-11-03


This is a great fast paced book. Highly believable in today’s world events.


The book is easy to read with interesting characters and a good plot.

Steve Kiss

This is a quick read that had the usual good guys win bad guy loses. It was a bit of a unique plot in how they intended to carry out their bad deed. My biggest complaint was they left an awful lot out of how they "knew" some things that helped them at the Epilogue. It was like, "oh then we figured this out and captured them all" but without any details. I won't spoil it for anyone by detailing that part. Over all, not bad just kind of a weak "let's get it over with" ending.