The Girl Before PDF Download

The Girl Before PDF Download

By: J.P. Delaney
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-01-24


It was terrible. Can’t believe the good reviews for this book. Save your money!


A super easy to read book, but not the five star thriller that I was hoping for, with a somewhat weird ending. The book kind of started to remind me of 50 Shades and I really wasn't into it. The good thing is, it's strays away from The Girl on the Train and A Woman in the Window (so no alcoholic who can't remember a crime like all the other thrillers coming out). There aren't really any likable characters in this book except for Jane, but then towards the end, you kind of stop liking her too. There were a couple of twists that really surprised me and that's mostly what I look for in a thriller. Wasn't a book that I couldn't put down, but it was also easy to keep reading with spare time.


Absolutely thrilling.


This book started out as a good read! It quickly tumbled as one of the worst books I have read! Too much vulgarity and unnecessary sex descriptions! Further it degrades women. It pictures us as needy and unable to stand on our own two feet! In my opinion a waste of time and money!


Really good book.


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Really good book!!

Kiarra Monique

1. I am so glad to see that this book is being made into a film. Can't wait! 2. This book was SO very good. I could rave on and on and on about it, but I wouldn't want to become cumbersome--Edward wouldn't like that--(insider), so I'll just say that if you enjoy thrillers that build LITERALLY as you turn each page, this book is for Y O U! 3. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of the drop at the end of the book and the ending itself! I wanted more, but am satisfied with what I got when it all comes down to it. 4. This review is in the form of a list because Edward would like it neatly arranged, just so. :)


I loved the book. It is well written by a very gifted writer. Stay with it. The book asked many questions. It left me with a question of my own. How shall the young remain sinless?/Psalm 119:9 Who wants to remain sinless 00000 Obeying God's Word Fill in the circle that best suits you. Who wants to be sinless far left. Obeying God's Word far right.


This book is such a page turner! A must read.


Loved the description of the architectural philosophy of Monkford. Also very good character development of him. Really kept me turning the pages. Great format of 2 women's story's in alternating chapters. One criticism, which I have encountered on another book lately, (The Weight of Blood)...slowly builds suspense until the key plot revelation...then it seems hurried to the though they've run out of ideas. Definitely worth reading regardless.