A Simple Favor PDF Download

A Simple Favor PDF Download

By: Darcey Bell
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2017-03-21


There are cliff hangers and then there are horrible endings.. this one was a horrible ending. A lot of suspense for a dull ending.


I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to read it before the movie comes out next month so I bought it and loved it. I wasn’t expecting a lot of the little plot twists. However I wish the ending would of being more explanatory. I feel like it was open ended and I wanted to know so desperately what happens. Other than that, I freaking loved it.

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Charlie Jade

This was a painful, tedious listen for a variety of reasons. One, for the endless mentions of the much better noir books this one is trying to rip off. (No, lady, Patricia Highsmith this ain’t.) Two, for the fact that. all three main characters are written to be incredibly annoying. I wasn’t rooting for a single one of them. Three, I just cannot hear the most annoying mommy blogger character say the word “MOMS” one. More. Time. I wanted to jump through the audiobook and kill her myself. Four, because this book is such a Gone Girl rip-off, with none of the finesse and a bunch much even more implausible things thrown in (not to mention a few thousand mentions of the word “Moms”). I kept up until the end hoping that I would get some kind of decent ending to redeem it. No such luck. Nothing much ever happens in this book — for all its noir ambitions, it’s really pretty tame. Spoiler: the only people who ever get killed are fringe characters we don’t really know or care about. Not worthy of inclusion in the canon of all the great noir titles it constantly name drops. I ended up being pretty annoyed I wasted so much time on this. One star for the great performances by the voice actors which is probably the only reason I didn’t turn it off.


I started reading this book because I saw a preview for the movie and I really like the actresses in the movie. I really wanted to like this book, but it was absolutely ridiculous. The author crammed so many unrealistic and unreasonable twists into it. I kept reading until the end hoping it would get better, but it never did. The characters weren’t likeable, but not in a “Gone Girl” kind of way. I would not recommend this to anyone.


Liked the book at first, but then got bored and slow. Wish I hadn’t bought it.


I wanted to like this book because the movie trailer looks so amazing. I decided to buy it to read before seeing the movie, but was really disappointed in the quality of writing. The turns the story takes felt tired and predictable. Every single one of the “surprises” were really just common tropes in storytelling. During the scenes that were revealing the twist and turns the author often skipped so much detail that it became hard to follow. Multiple times I went back thinking I had missed a page because those scenes past so quickly. Dialogue and character thought trains were often jumpy and unnatural. I went ahead and finished the book thinking there would be one final twist to make up for the boring, predictable ride I had been on, but even the ending fell flat for me. The one positive I have for the book is that it was a quick, fairly mindless read, so it is perfect for breezing through on a rainy weekend or while lounging on vacation. Hopefully this will be on the few instances were the movie is better.

brite pink

What a colossal waste of time. It is hard to rate it a “1”. I finished the book because I Felt sure the ending would tie everything together. What a disappointment.


I read if fairly quickly. Liked it alot and look forward to seeing it in movie form. But the ending wasn't as great as I expected. I have to agree that it was abrupt. While it makes you wonder what will happen, i doubt there would be a second book....


I got into this book from the beginning. It held my attention all the way through. I love to read books full of suspense. However, towards the end I kept waiting for something big to happen and reveal itself but it never came. The ending was abrupt and kind of a let down. I still want to see the movie that is coming out in relation to this book and hopefully they will add a little more suspense and a better ending.


I was excited to read this once I saw it’s being turned into a movie. The first part was really good. I was excited. However, the plot began to be too convenient and too tidy. None of the main characters are likable, so it’s hard to be invested. It took a while to finish the last half of the book because a lot seemed redundant and boring. It explained too much and not enough plot. It’s an okay read, but it’s not wonderful.


Great book with interesting characters, however the ending was abrupt and not in a good way. fast paced, twist and turns.. overall a great read!