Bluestone & Vine PDF Download

Bluestone & Vine PDF Download

By: Donna Kauffman
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-26

Alicia Raft

She's done it again! Oh man, Donna Kauffman is on a roll, people! Take note. First, this book grabbed my attention because it's about the rough yet flirty Seth. He's the one we had dreams about when he popped up in the previous Blue Hollow Falls book. Seth has this effortless charm and when Pippa comes along it draws her in just like it did me! She is looking for a quiet place to heal her voice and work on overcoming the fear of performing. Seth might not have known it upon first meeting, but he was looking for someone to do more than flirt with-- and he gets it. Pippa satisfies him, if you know what I mean. Even more, she brings peace to the community. At first I kind of thought she was being too pushy, but I realized that through building this relationship with such a small community she was pushing herself through the fear. I really liked the vulnerability of both Pippa and Seth in that respect. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, then stop reading my review and go read the book!!! I'm not spoiling a thing! It's too good not to read for yourself.


Bluestone and Vine is the second Blue Hollow Falls book by Donna Kauffman, and I love how the story just keeps giving. Seth Brogan is tending to his animals and getting his vines ready for spring when his sister tells him that she’s swapped houses with someone from Ireland, except she swapped his house for the singer to stay while she recovers from over use of her voice. The first meeting between Pippa and Brogan sparks fly even in the cold, snowy weather. You’ll enjoy this book as much or more than the first. I know I did!