Cottage by the Sea PDF Download

Cottage by the Sea PDF Download

By: Debbie Macomber
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-07-17


The author might as well have stolen Beauty and the Beast and combined it with Toy Story to come up with this poorly developed novel. Pure bubblegum. So many opportunities to develop the psychological identities of her characters, but instead she turns in a high schoolish story. How the professional reviewers gave this book a thumbs up is beyond me. I’m a first time reader of this author. Others may love her, but there’s no depth in this author’s writing. Pure Lifetime movie junk.


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Lynsie 5

Cottage By the Sea was a quick read. I enjoyed the characters and how their lives were connected.


Couldn’t help thinking about the one surviving family member in the Branson, Missouri duck boat tragedy when nine members of her family died. How does one breath? How does one breath without debilitating pain? This book explores that pain… and the guilt of surviving. A magnificent book full of hope and grace. Read this book.


Great story!


Debbie Macomber’s Cottage by the Sea is a beautiful love story! After a terrible tragedy strikes, Annie decides to move to the one place that has always made her feel peaceful. At Oceanside, she develops deep friendships with three most most unlikely people. She also manages to discover the the thing she fears most is also the thing the thing her friend Keaton fears most. Can they trust their heart to another person after having it broken so badly in the past? Macomber weaves an beautiful story of putting broken people back together and changing their lives forever. I was provided an ARC of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence.


When tragedy took the lives of Annie’s immediate family, she was left with feelings of despair, aloneness, depression, and low self worth. Annie had survival’s guilt and wanted to die with her family. However, her cousin urged her to go to a place in her life where she felt happy. As Annie traveled to a cottage by the sea, hope for a better, happier future slowly made its way into her life in the form of a quiet gentle giant, a recluse landlord, and other complex and troubled characters. This story was very entertaining, but it was also an emotional read. Many of the characters had to “let go” of past events to move forward, which was not an easy task. I also loved how the author incorporated the rescue theme throughout the story with both people and animals. A very well written story! Highly recommended!