Bad Blood PDF Download

Bad Blood PDF Download

By: John Carreyrou
Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Business & Personal Finance
Relase Date: 2018-05-21

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Fascinating look at possibly the greatest fraud not committed by Bernie Madoff and Enron, this book provides the shocking details behind “Theranos” and the lengths to which one person will go to achieve fame and fortune. From her fake deep voice to her “Look I’m Steve Jobs”, black turtlenecks; Elizabeth Holmes was never the genuine article and neither was her “Edison” fraud box. The details of her scam are here as well the inevitable downfall. From start to finish, this book reveals the many character flaws of the human experience, greed, immorality, jealousy and redemption for the poor workers who were threatened, harassed and in some cases separated from family by Elizabeth Holmes. I would’ve paid twice the amount for this novel and thanks to the Rupert Murdoch for letting the truth come out despite owning $100 million on the line. Thanks goes to John, the author, who makes no judgements and only presents the facts in an enjoyable ride through the company history. Let’s hope this woman who hurt patients and investors alike is properly shunned and forced to live inside a prison for some years as an example to others thinking of trying the same thing.

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Excellent read. It reflects on the state of medicine in the world today. Such a simple idea generates a billion dollars but is worthless. Medical care, cost, quality, providing medical care to all these are the issues but we spend big bucks on a lab test that never worked. Thank you for exposing the "Bad Blood". George J Murillo , MD Spring, tx


Bad Blood is the best cliffhanger I’ve read in a long time! It is funny to me that the only thing E. Holmes has in common with Steve Jobs is that they both had great books written about them. One a true genius and the other a true crook!


Fast paced. Sad picture of a certain part of human nature.


As the review says. I did enjoy this book, but at times, I felt like it went around in circles or didn’t get to the point quick enough for my tastes. Still, an excellent read!


John Carreyrou did a stupendous job with this book. A dazzling tale of deception and power in Silicon Valley!


It's a thriller, a bizarre tale of deception and greed, and a hard to put down read. Totally enjoyed it.


I would hope this book is read by people realizing how dangerous this woman was to anyone using Theranos blood tests. She did not care for any other human beings besides herself. Knowing that persons invested in this company, this total sham, was one thing but to mess with people’s health was another thing. I hope that this has opened the eyes of the FDA and the sloppily work they did and how Elizabeth Holmes tricked them. It would be a shame if she does not get an extended prison sentence.


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Could not put this book down! Very well written.


If you want to learn more about one of the absolute worst companies since Enron and how it managed to fool all of Silicon Valley, Murdoch, Warren Buffet, and even General Mattis to name a few, then start reading this. A gripping expose of Elizabeth Homes and the multi-billion dollar scam she spearheaded.


Definite must read. Very well written.