Fear PDF Download

Fear PDF Download

By: Bob Woodward
Genre: Politics & Current Events, Biographies & Memoirs
Relase Date: 2018-09-11

Stupid Loser

This is one of those books that is like a train wreck in slow motion. You know it isn’t going to end well but you just can’t stop looking or reading. I found myself hoping it was mostly fiction or at worst disgruntled ex employees but after spending as much time following up as I did reading the book, oh my word, it’s accurate most all of the time.

Love the CU not...

No matter how good the reporting, is publishing the secrets of our national defense intelligent, I don't think so. Very disappointing that making money comes first. BGT

Diane Offutt

A must read for anyone who is interested in what is going on in Trump’s Administration. It pretty much confirms the chaos and the disrespect that permeates within the walls of the White House. Trump’s thinking he knows best will take America back, not forward. We already are experiencing the harm of tariffs , and it will only get worse. His executive decisions are spur of the moment decisions that make him feel powerful. He does not think of consequences. After reading Woodward ‘s book it just confirms we have a madman as President of the Inited States.

Daffy Duck: The Trumper

Very interesting, insightful, depressing, real and including living characters provided by the Deplorables. A great read!

ArtCrazyOld an

Amazing insight on contemporary issues! “We’ll see what happens “.


What an incredible look inside the complete circus of the Trump WH. Wow!


Bob Woodward shows us again how it’s done. He takes us through this dumpster-fire presidency with those who were and are there, whether it’s stealing papers off of Donald’s Resolute desk, or distracting him with shiny objects to prevent his impulsive meanderings. You know it’s true.


I expect trump cult members will criticize without even reading it


All lies! Liberal crap!!💩💩💩


This is an obvious attack against the president. Some of this is believable but who knows how accurate.


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Trump is a Great President!!! This book will increase your interest in president Trump and will more than likely make you vote for him 2020!!!