The Crucible PDF Download

The Crucible PDF Download

By: Arthur Miller & Christopher W. E. Bigsby
Genre: Theater, Arts & Entertainment
Relase Date: 1953-04-01

GBE class of 2017

I turned in my essay 4 moths late if that says anything



Country girl 9500

I read it for my English class. It's a decent book, but its just not my cup of tea.


Arthur Miller is one of my favorite playwrights of all time. The Crucible gives us a look of the Salem Witch Trials as well as what Arthur Miller thought of the MacArthur Trials of his time. The similarities are very shocking. This is just an amazing story written by an amazing playwright.


I like it. We had to read it for class and I love how the ppl stood up for the truth


This is an excellent book, I just can't help but notice the shocking amount of grammatical errors throughout this book. Whether it be stage directions that are only half italisized, bolded words that shouldn't be bolded, or the occasional double period (".." or ".," instead of just "."), there is something wrong on almost every page in the book. There are way too many mistakes to be called simple mistakes anymore. This is just the book publisher being downright careless. I am truly the ultimate Grammar Nazi. (The book itself was really good, by the way.)

Newsjunkie Don

Arthur Miller's insights into our society and history are one of my treasures; this film captures the play superbly (and frighteningly)


This book was very interesting and it had its moments of climax. Personally I had no interest in the Salem witch trials until I read this book. Amazing book that is worth reading again.

Edgard 11

This is definitely worth reading , I enjoyed Arthur millers play , and if you have read the death of a salesman , you will most likely enjoy it too .


read it for college. hated it.


Miller's use of history as allegory becomes more important as ignorance re-establishes itself as king. Nowadays, it seems people want to slip into ignorance to avoid the harsh realities of a world grown too complex to comprehend. Of course, I suppose this is nothing new, but perhaps the myriad of opportunities for educating oneself make it more ironic. The Parrises of the world applaud this development because they aim to swoop in and claim their prizes. Will you keep your soul or sell it to Danforth?