Postwar PDF Download

Postwar PDF Download

By: Tony Judt
Genre: Europe, History
Relase Date: 2005-10-06

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I happened on this book in my local public e-library selection list for history. A good audio selection to listen to while walking, I thought. My first hint at what I was getting into came when it downloaded on my iPhone, starting at 50 - most audio books are around....15 parts. After 4-5 days of listening, amazed at what I didn't know, had never understood about this era , I went to Amazon to read those reviews- which mirrored my own thoughts. So, why buy a book I've just finished listening to? I had to backup so many times to re-listen to parts; wanted to go back and replay parts that were later mentioned in a different context- and so many observations I wanted to remember/save/think more about. In my mid-sixties,I lived through much of this postwar era as an Average American- Europe, its events, views, so much background was seen one way. This book is the view from 'there' - of there, by there, for there. And for here, for us. It's an eye-opener, a mind-opener - agreeing and disagreeing. I wish I had happened on it sooner.


Simply the best work of 20th century historical scholarship I have had the privilege to read.


In an incredible achievement to cover such an vast period of time for such a vast territory, with such clarity and detail. So many issues come into perspective that when explained with such mastery seem rather obvious. This book will be with me for a long time.