The Maze PDF Download

The Maze PDF Download

By: Catherine Coulter
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 1997-06-30


First I love Catherine have read her books since I was 16. I am also rereading these books. I am finding now after being a fan for 20 years that I am not appreciating the "damnation" constantly said out of supposedly Americans mouth as well as how everyone of these fbi books ends with "let's get married and/or we should get married" it's ridiculous. I realized and loved the historical romances she has written so understand but it still irks me how ridiculous these books end.


Loved this book. Enjoyed every minute of it. Pure romantic mystery FICTION. I’m enjoying the beginning of her Savich-Sherlock series. Fun stuff! The key for me is to key in on the enjoyment of the read, not taking it seriously as if it’s supposed to be about real life. Otherwise, I’d probably be very critical and would stop reading. No way will I do that now!

S Wynn

This is a great romantic suspense novel with a lot of plot twists. Looking forward to the next book.