The Handmaid's Tale PDF Download

The Handmaid's Tale PDF Download

By: Margaret Atwood
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 2017-04-25



Bonnie Beth

It’s been a very long time since I enjoyed a book this much. I didn’t want it to end.


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Not sure what to say about this book. Is this what life will be like in later years? If so I am glad to have lived my life now as I would be very unhappy to live the way those characters did.


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The writing style is excellent, the story line kept me captivated. It was hard to put this book down. The ending was confusing and somewhat contrived. So we were left hanging in mid-air and to our own conclusion. Weird!


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Drew me in deeper and deeper. I wanted to know more. I was hoping for a better ending, but it did leave you guessing.


Interesting premise, but the prose is repetitive, approaching boring, at times.


I hated the book early on but it did grow on me over time. It took quite a while before one has a general understanding of what it’s about. It did become quite interesting once there seemed to be some interaction between the characters.

S. P. L.___

WOW!!! This tale is emotionally charged!!! I simply could not put it down. I’m going to see the movie about this tale but I already know that I will be disappointed. I believe that Margaret Atwood designed this tale with the greatest attention to details to the Handmade’s tale that no one will be able to come close to her painstaking look into her characters of which she wrote! Thank you so much!!!!


The writer jumps All over the place making it sometimes hard to follow. The writing seemed to drag on with glimpses into her past life but never the full story. And then it ends with a cliff hanger . I wouldn’t read it again