The Cove PDF Download

The Cove PDF Download

By: Catherine Coulter
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 1996-04-01


Ms. Catherine Coulter is a great storyteller. What a crazy fun experience reading this book was. Sure, the plot was convoluted and silly at times, and the characters, some of them, are cartoonish, but the book is funny and enjoyable because of this, whether that’s what the writer had in mind or not! This is my opinion, I’m more than happy to give her book another five-star rating!


The story it self was very interesting and could have been better written. The quotes the character said were ridiculous, Come on now no one talks like that. It jumped around a lot and was completely unbelievable, from bike chases and bikers following her turning out to be EMT's, escaping Sanatariums, her intuition leading her to elude the FBI, crazy doctors tracking her down trying to kidnap her at a jazz club. It was a train wreak but you had to keep reading just to see how it ended.

Derek Cooks

To quote the king in "Amadeus", "...too many notes...". This book is way too long for what it's getting to, and I kept wanting to scream, "Get on with it! " With that off my chest, it is a good story line, and great characters.


While I love Savich and Sherlock books The Cove is still my favorite. I never understand while Catherine Coulter didn't keep Quinlan as a recurring character.


Loved it. Kept my interest from start to finish. Every time I thought I had it figured out, something new would happen and I would change my mind.


Fabulously suspenseful from beginning to end! Sorry it took me so long to read it! A++++++++++++


Great mystery. Good reading. Will read more of. Her books.