The Bane Chronicles PDF Download

The Bane Chronicles PDF Download

By: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2014-11-11

katie t2

A must read for fans of the High Warlock of Brooklyn! Magnus was always one of my favorite characters and I read this in about 1.5 days! He's not just flamboyant; he's also hilarious, compassionate, and quite human (for being a half demon 馃槈)


This book was so funny you must read even though a chapter I thought should have been in a earlier chapter but beside that this book is a must read .


I enjoyed the book. I left me wanting more of the story between Bane and Alec. The voicemail chapter made me laugh. Will there be more of the Alec and Bane story?

Irrate Buyer

I've read every book of Cassandra's and pre-bought this one. I couldn't even finish the book, which I can say has never happened to me. Some of the stories are downright juvenile in their writing style, and feel amateurish. Cassandra, shame on you for selling out. You should give your readers back their money...

Dokai Z

It's sad that I bought the 7 first chapters ($2.99 each) and the rest are not available any more. Do I really have to buy the whole book just to read the rest??? But still love Cassandra Clare for these amazing books!!!

Chaty kathy 999

This is a great book!!