The Kissing Booth PDF Download

The Kissing Booth PDF Download

By: Beth Reekles
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2013-04-09


I was so sad to read this book where Noah’s behavior was accepted. He was manipulative, angry and violent but he’s so hot. Sorry ladies, these kind of guys will only get worse, it doesn’t matter how they look. Be careful out there!

Kissing Booth Lover

I love this sooooooooo much! The movie is also great!!!!!! I am so thankful for Beth Reekles!!!!!!!




I love this movie soooo much it is my favorite movie of all time!!!!


When Noah is about to grad from Harvard & what happens with Elle & Noah at that point


I absolutely love it and so do all my friends!!!


I love this movie even Noah yumm


This book was absolutely amazing this is my new favorite book because it was so good I would love for there to be a sequel to this book!!!


The Kissing Booth is one of the best books I’ve read this year! Filled with drama, a hidden romance, and of course humor, it has a perfect balance. With the intricately different characteristic of our characters this book will keep you reading all night. If you want some good laughs, a modern romance, and some mystery, The Kissing Booth is for you! (Although it had some eye-rolling perfect endings and scenes, I loved it!)


I love the movie but the book is so much better. So much more exciting than the movie. I loved this book so much.😍😂I’m sad I got to the last page.


Terrible writing, amateur spelling = the hype was not appropriate for this book. It reads like a child’s book (minus the pathetic unrealistic sexual material). Do not waste your money. If you are desperate for this trash, view the version on Netflix. I haven’t seen that, but considering how god awful this book is, the movie has to be somewhat better.

It fine,* I guess*

I think that the movie was amazing and greatly preformed, and I wish that the book did too, I think you should watching it before reading it? Just an option...